How to Unroot Any Android Device Quickly

How to Unroot Any Android Device Quickly

How to Unroot Any Android Device Quickly

Have a Rooted Android device? want get back to the original state,want to unroot it. So here we are discussing 2 best and easiest methods to Unroot your android

Two easiest methods to Unroot your Device :-

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[/label]   Unroot using SuperSU itself

Unroot Using SuperSU

Unroot Using SuperSU

SuperSU is a powerful tool for managing rooted devices. Along with rooting features it also has feature of unrooting the android device. It is the easiest method to unroot your device. As you have a rooted device there is a possiblity that you are using SuperSu for managing different root permissions on your device. If you already have SuperSU installed then open it

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Step 1 Download and install SuperSU from Google Play Store

Step 2 Launch SuperSu and head to the Settings tab

Step 3 Scroll down for option Full Unroot and Tap it

Step 4 You will get notification saying that “If cleanup succeed root will be lost and this app…” just tap Continue

Step 5 Again a notification saying “Attempt to restore stock boot image?…” say Yes

Step 6 Once done, SuperSU will close automatically. Restart your Android device

Step 7 When your device has booted back up, uninstall SuperSU and you’ll get your original device with factory settings back. 🙂


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[/label]   Unroot Using ES File Explorer

The first thing you’ll need is a file manager with root capabilities—ES File Explorer seems to be the most popular one out there these days, but pretty much any root explorer will work.

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Step 1 Download and install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Step 2 Launch ES File Explorer and tap the menu button

Step 3 Scroll down to the “Root Explorer” option and slide the toggle to enable it

Step 4 Grant it root privileges if prompted

Step 5 Once root access has been granted, navigate to the /system folder. Using ES, tap the dropdown that says “Homepage” (assuming you’re still on the start page, of course). Select the “/ Device” option.

Step 6 Depending on how your device was rooted, the “su” file (the one we’ll be deleting in this process) will be located in one of two places: /system/bin or /system/xbin . Start by checking the former.

Step 7 depending where you will find busybox and su files delete them.

Step 8 There’s one more file that needs to be deleted. Head back into /system and open the “app” folder

Step 9 Look for the SuperUser app installed on your phone if you are using SuperSU then goto SuperSU and Delete superuser.apk

Step 10 Reboot your Device and there you are with Unrooted Device 🙂


If you have any difficulty please post in comments 🙂

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