How to download youtube videos on android phone

How to Download YouTube videos on Android

Youtube is a very large video community. You can find almost all type of videos on youtube. There are some videos which you see in repetitive mode. that may be your favorite song or your favorite series or even match. So rather than wasting data on that video, again and again, you can simply download […]

8 Simple Ways to Unlock Forgot Pattern Lock Android

8 Simple Ways to Unlock Forgot Pattern Lock Android

Most of the time my friends ask me I forgot my android pattern, How can I unlock Android pattern? It’s quite normal if you have forgot pattern lock Android phone. But it is the most frustrating thing any Android user may face. The main reason we put a lock on our android phone is to keep it […]


How to Fix Water Damaged Android phone in 10 Easy Steps

If you are someone who is little careless about your phone then surely you may face the condition of water damaged android phone. There are many conditions where you have made your phone swim into the water. Following are the reasons for a water damaged android phone – Phone dropped in Toilet (Most Common) Phone […]

How to speed up android phone

[SOLVED] Why is My Smartphone So Slow?

So do you have a slow smartphone? yeah, the slow smartphone is the most annoying thing now in this fast world. There may be many reasons for the slow android phone.To find out the correct cause for your slow smartphone you need to check each and every causes for the same. This guide will also answer […]