How to Download YouTube videos on Android

How to download youtube videos on android phone

Youtube is a very large video community. You can find almost all type of videos on youtube. There are some videos which you see in repetitive mode. that may be your favorite song or your favorite series or even match. So rather than wasting data on that video, again and again, you can simply download youtube videos on android. Yes, you can and even absolutely free. Here I am going to tell you how you can save youtube videos to your phone.

There are basically two ways by which you can download youtube videos on android –

  1. Using third-party Youtube Video Downloader apps
  2. Directly from a Third party website, without installing any app

Best Free Youtube Downloader for Android – TubeMate Youtube Downloader

TubeMate Youtube Downloader:

Tube Mate is the best youtube downloader app I have ever used. This app is so simple and easy to use. Tube mate youtube downloader is not available in play store. So you have to download from here.

How to Download youtube videos using TubeMate :
1. First Download TubeMate Youtube Downloader from here
[button style=”btn-success btn-sm” icon=”fa fa-download” align=”left” iconcolor=”#ffffff” type=”link” target=”true” title=”Download TubeMate Youtube Downloader Free” link=”” linkrel=””]
2. Install Tubemate on your android phone
 Download TubeMate for Android
3. After accepting terms Open the app
4. Now you can see there are many video sites are supported by TubeMate
Download tubemate for android
5. Download from Tubemate App itself.
To download from TubeMate app itself search for the video you want to download.
You have to download mp3 video converter before that.
A window will pop up asking in which quality you want to download youtube video. Select the quality.
Download TubeMate youtube downloader for android
Press the green download button just above that
Now your TubeMate Youtube Downloader will download your video in the background.
Download TubeMate youtube downloader for android andromaster
6. Download from Youtube App 
To download from youtube app, just press share button on the video you want to download
 Download youtube videos on android using TubeMate Youtube Downloader
From the app, list select TubeMate and doneDownload youtube videos on android andromaster
Now TubeMate will download youtube video on android in the background.

Download Youtube videos on Android without using any app:

Yes, you can save youtube videos in android directly without using any app. You just have to follow the steps below
1. first open youtube in Chrome browser.
2. Select the video you want to download and add “ss” before its URL like –

Just add “ss” to the video URL to launch the download process:

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Original URL:

URL with ss:

download youtube videos on android without using any app andromaster

3. It will take you to the just select quality to download youtube video on Android and it will start downloading

4. or If you have youtube video link then go to

and paste youtube video link and it will download your video directly

Download youtube videos on android from

If you guys have any other simple method to download youtube videos on android then do share with us. We will surely add it to the post. if you have any questions please ask in the comments.

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