Top 8 Best Custom ROM for Android you MUST try in 2018

Custom ROM gives you the ability to do things which are not supported or given by stock android. custom ROMs are created by communities of developers by tweaking the original Android ROM making changes that are required and will be to increase user experience. Custom ROM allows us to make many changes in our phones Look and feel. Here are the top 10 best Custom ROM for android you must try in 2018 to make most out of your smartphone.

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Best Custom ROM for Android in 2018 –

1  Lineage OS

Lineage means – lineal descent from an ancestor.

Lineage OS Custom ROM for Android

Yes, it is the next version of old CyanogenMod ROMs which were the best ROMs until previous year, but they stopped the support and development and created a new ROM Lineage. It comes with a power packed features same as CyanogenMod. It is one of the most used custom ROM now. Lineage OS has 3 main as of now.

Lineage OS VersionAndroid VersionLast or Major release
13Android 6.0.1


14Android 7.1.1/7.1.2


15Android 8.1.0



Preinstalled Apps: Lineage OS comes with some preinstalled apps. It does not come with the Gapps. You have to install GApps mannually from your recovery.

  • AudioFX – Audio optimizer with presets to alter the listening experience.
  • Browser – A lightweight browser that relies on the System Webview, for low-end devices, also known as Jelly.
  • FlipFlap – An app for smart flip covers, only included on select devices.
  • Calculator – which resembles a four-function calculator and offers some more advanced functions.
  • Calendar – Calendar functionality with Day, Week Month, Year or Agenda views.
  • Camera – Dependent on device specification will take video or photos, including panoramic.
  • Clock – World clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, and alarms.
  • Contacts – Phonebook for numbers and email addresses.
  • Email – an Email client that handles POP3, IMAP, and Exchange.
  • Files – Simple File Manager to move, copy and rename files on internal storage or SD card.
  • Gallery – Organise photos and videos into a timeline or albums for easy viewing.
  • Messaging – SMS messaging.
  • Music – A music player, formerly known as Eleven.
  • Phone – for making calls. Includes speed dial, phone number lookups, and call blocking.
  • Recorder – A screen and/or sound recorder.
  • Trebuchet – A customizable launcher that supports protected apps.

Lineage OS custom Rom for Android Lineage OS custom Rom for Android


Download Gapps

Supported Devices

Lineage ROM Wiki


2   Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is one of the best Custom ROM for Android this year. Surely it will be the best custom ROM for Android in 2018 also. It has the large community of developers who are working on the betterment of the ROM and providing more customization in the ROM.

Resurrection Remix Custom Rom for Android

Resurrection Remix –

We work to make your android experience elegant.

Handpicked features beautifully packed in one OS.

Resurrection Remix comes with the following features :

  • Cool Personalizations
  • Advanced Quick Settings
  • Gesture Controls
  • Interface Customizations
  • Lockscreen Customizations
  • Buttons Customizations
  • Stable
  • Android Noughat
  • Battery Friendly
  • OTA updates
  • Large Community

Supported Devices

Resurrection Remix Forum

3   MiUI

miui custom ROM for Android

MIUI is one of the fastest and clean Custom ROM for Android.It is developed by Xiomi.Along with Xiomi device, it supports many other devices from Motorola, htc, and many more. If an official stock ROM is not available for your android then just search for the unofficial version on XDA forum. MIUI is mostly recognized for its clean look and fast performance.

miui custom rom for android

Supported Devices

MIUI Forum


4   Slim ROM

slim rom custom rom for android

The main goal of slim ROM is to offer users a slimmed down but still feature rich alternative to other android operating systems. Their entire team work together to bring you this tailor-made beauty straight from AOSP source code.Its a beautiful ROM having many customization features along with the beautiful interface. Slim ROM supports a large number of devices and its increasing day by day.

Supported Devices

Slim ROM Support

5  Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android custom ROM for Android

Paranoid Android is a custom ROM aiming to extend the system, working on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android and following the same design philosophies that were set forward by Google for Android Open Source Project.In September 2015, PC Advisor called it the most famous ROM along with CyanogenMod, and The Economic Times called it the second-largest custom Android ROM in the world with over 200 000 users.

Supported Devices

Paranoid Community

6   Blisspop

Bliss custom rom for android ROM

The main focus behind bliss is to bring the Open Source community a quality OS that can run as a daily driver, syncing  apps, settings and customizations across all platforms you run Bliss on.

Bliss OS comes with a wide selection of customization options, functions, and is even themable out of the box using rootless Substratum. With so many options available.Their list of the supported device is constantly changing. They are adding new devices regularly.


Supported Devices

Bliss Forum

7   Pack ROM

pack ROM is one of the colest custom ROm for android. It is fully packed with many customizationswith greater battary performance.pack ROM offers aunique custom ROM experiance with their own tweaks and custom options. it includes all the features from the best ROMs out there.

pack ROM custom rom for android

Supported Devices


8   Dirty Unicorn

dirty unicorns custom ROM for android

Dirty Unicorn is another best custom rom for android to checkout in 2018. It is a power packed ROM with so many customizations. It gives a clean look to your phone with too customizations.

Dirty Unicorns Website



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