How to Fix Water Damaged Android phone in 10 Easy Steps


If you are someone who is little careless about your phone then surely you may face the condition of water damaged android phone. There are many conditions where you have made your phone swim into the water. Following are the reasons for a water damaged android phone –

  • Phone dropped in Toilet (Most Common)
  • Phone dropped in water bucket
  • Phone dropped in gravy
  • Phone dropped in shower
  • Phone dropped in the bathtub
  • Water, Juice spilled on phone
  • Water damaged phone due to rain

So what to do when your phone gets wet? or How to fix this water damaged phone?

Below are some immediate tips to save your water damaged Android phone.

First thing is, what YOU SHOULD NOT DO after removing phone from water:-

  • Dont turn it on
  • Dont bang or shake your phone
  • Dont press any keys
  • Dont apply heat to phone
  • Don’t blow Air into phone 

10 Tips to Save Your Phone Dropped in Water

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[/label]  First thing you should do is Turn it off 

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[/label]  Remove any back cover any case, battery sim cards, memory card. remove the battery only if it is removable unless keep it as it is.

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[/label]  Get some cloth or water soaking tissue. Try to pat dry the phone. be sure you are pushing the water into the phone. As this may further cause problem to the phone

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[/label]  If the water damage is very serious and you are seeing that water has gone far in the deep circuitry use vacuum to suck the water through the deep cracks. But sure you have removed all small removable parts from phone such as microSD card, Sim cards.

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[/label]  Does Rice Help water damaged phone repair? Yeah definitely

Take a ziplock bag and fill it with uncooked rice. Put you phone into the bag full of rice. Rice is a great absorber of water damaged phone. Therefore it is largely used to repair water damaged android phone.

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[/label]  Put your water damaged phone in uncooked rice for 1 or 2 days. Do not open it or try to switch on before that

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[/label]  After 2 days remove your phone from bag. clean it with a cloth

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[/label]  Put in battery and sim cards

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[/label]  Try to start the phone.If it starts , wait dont be happy first check all is okay with it.

  • Check the water damaged screen whether it is still working or not.

  • Check if you are able to make call

  • Check Speakers and microphone if they are working or not.In most of the cases speakers and microphones wont work and you need to replacet them from a professional technician.

If everything is fine then congratulations! you have saved your phone dropped in water and eventually you have saved your some bucks!

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[/label]  If still phone is not started try to charge the phone for just 15 to 20 min . Not more than that. Because that may cause issue if water is still there. if nothing has worked out, go to your authorized service center, only that fellos can save your water damaged phone.

How to Recover Files from Water Damaged Android Phone or Tablet

If nothing has solved your issue and you are having important data in you water damaged android phone then there are several options to recover data from phone dropped in water.

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Here is an greate application that can help you to recover your data from water damaged android phone

Android Data Recovery 

Share you experiences with me! How you have made your phone swim and how did you saved your phone 🙂

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