[SOLVED] Why is My Smartphone So Slow?

How to speed up android phone

So do you have a slow smartphone? yeah, the slow smartphone is the most annoying thing now in this fast world. There may be many reasons for the slow android phone.To find out the correct cause for your slow smartphone you need to check each and every causes for the same. This guide will also answer your question – How to make android tablet faster? how to speed up android phone? Following are some causes and their solution to why is my smartphone so slow?

How to Speed Up Android Phone 

7 Ways to make your android phone Faster –

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1[/label]  Uninstall unnecessary apps (Cleaner Apps)

The main reason behind the laggy smartphones I have mostly seen is the installation of unnecessary buggy apps. checkout for the all installed apps in your smartphones that may cause to slow down your Android phone. To check all installed apps on your smartphone head to Settings -> Apps. So here look out for each and every app on your phone and start uninstalling the apps which you don’t use and you thing which slows down your phone. Some of the buggy apps which you should consider uninstalling are All cleaner apps such as – Clean Master, CC cleaner, DU booster, DU cleaner.

Apps you should uninstall immediately

how to speed up android phone

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2[/label]  Check for Enough Internal Storage

One of the major reason for why is your smartphone is so slow is not having enough internal storage. in order to speed up your android phone, you need to make at least 1 GB of free internal storage in your android phone.To check the internal storage phone go to – Settings -> Storage and USB -> Internal Storage.

how to speed up android phone

Here you will get All distribution of your used memory space by Apps Images, Videos, Audios. Now according to this info, you can manage the space on your phone by deleting unnecessary things.

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3[/label]  Clear cache data for heavy Apps

This method works most of the times when a particular app or set of apps makes your phone slow. First check for the heavy apps installed on your smartphone. Heavy apps are those which require more memory, more Processing power, more storage and which runs continuously in the background.

Some of the Heavy apps are –

Facebook – You can replace it with the Facebook Lite app, Instagram, Twitter, any launcher such as Nova, Truecaller, Google etc 

To clear the cache of those apps goto Settings->Apps->select App->Storage->Clear Cache

how to speed up android phone

This will make your android phone run faster.

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4[/label]  Remove Widgets and live wallpapers

I have seen many android phones which are having too many widgets and live wallpapers applied on their phone. this is one of the possible reason which makes your phone slow. Most of these widgets apps and live wallpapers are developed neglecting the stability of phones. unless you are having high RAM may be 2, 3 Gigs Don’t customize your phone this much. The different Keyboards apps may be responsible for running your phone slow. So remove these apps immediately to make your android phone run faster.

how to speed up android phone

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5[/label]  Look at your SD card

Sometimes it’s not your phones or installed apps which makes your phone slow, it’s because of slow SD card or maybe Corrupt SD card. First, remove your SD card insert it into your PC and Scan it using a good antivirus. Always use class 10 SD cards for your smartphone as this will make your android phone run faster. Remove the SD card and restart your smartphone. Now check the difference in the speed. If you noticed any change then your SD card is the one who makes your smartphone slow.

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6[/label]  If everything fails Factory reset your smartphone

If none of the above things work out for you then you have to factory reset your mobile phone.Before restoring your phone to factory settings remember to take the full backup of your data cause this will erase all your data on your mobile phone. To factory reset your android phone follow the below steps

  1. Head to settings
  2. Then Backup and Reset
  3. Choose Factory data reset
  4. It will warn you about the active accounts
  5. Select Reset Phone
  6. Phone will restart, wait for the process to complete
  7. Set up your android phone as a new device

how to speed up android phone

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7[/label]  Rooting?

If none of the above methods work for you, then rooting is the last option for you.

WARNING: Rooting Voids your warranty.

If you have guts and wish to do some cool stuff with your phone then I would recommend you to root your android device.As rooting is not at all hard process if you follow the given steps accurately. Rooting makes your phone so fast as it allows to make changes to your phone which stock ROM doesn’t allow. Check out this Tutorial to root your smartphone

How to Root Android – Step by Step Guide

Rooting allows you to install some applications such as Greenify which speeds up and makes your Android faster.

Hope this Article Helps you to solve your problem. if you have any other question please feel free to comment 🙂

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